Recap: 4/11 Zoology Expo!

11 April 2018: Zorond hosted a Zoology Expo at the Methel-stage in the Shire. The audience was wowed by the variety of pets available for Lore-Masters. (Media to be added soon!)


Recap: 4/10 Lore-Mastery Legendary Items Q&A!

10 April 2018: Eleven Lore-Masters gathered together at the Forge and Relic Masters’ in Thorin’s Hall to listen to the Lady Lieselotte Trecalia’s words of wisdom in managing one’s Legendary Items. Much arcana was shared tonight. (Media to be added soon!)

Recap: 4/3 Lore-Master Pet Herding!

3 April 2018: A band of Lore-Masters gathered together in the Stonemere, near the Valley of Giants just south of the Gates of Imladris, to learn the technique of herding up mobs using the Pet Attack command. This strategy helps make the Lore-Master’s AoE attacks more useful, because Sticky Gourd, Ring of Fire, Lightning Storm and other multiple-target DPS skills have cooldowns. You don’t want to use an AoE skill on a single target and wait for it to activate again while another mob starts coming after you. Another reason to use your pet to herd mobs is to pull them out of the way so you can dash in and pick up a quest objective. (Media to be added soon!)

Recap: 3/25 Trapper of Foes!

25 March 2018: Callanon of the Knights of the White Lady gave a fascinating demonstration of Hunter skills associated with the Trapper of Foes trait tree. He began with a quick run-down of all the yellowline skills and what each skill entailed, then gave visual demonstrations of the Decoy, Triple Trap, Tripwire, Rain of Thorns, Piercing Trap, and The One Trap. There was a lot of discussion about how specific skills and associated stats interacted with one another, including how Evade Rating could be made to exceed its usual caps, and how to position traps, whether or not they were ground-targeted. Review the chat log here or watch the video recording of this session here or below! An interesting aside: When you are not in a fellowship with a Hunter, you cannot see the visual effects of his or her traps. Special thanks to Saviole who did her best to supply visuals from her own skills to reinforce Callanon’s demonstrations for the group. 

Recap: 3/22 Tracking and Sniping!

22 March 2018: ZZRuby and her Fellowship gathered at Burle Pierson’s Farm for a review of Hunter tracking skills (Passage of Nature, Passage of Foes, and Passage of Shadow) and what types of mobs those skills target. Then the band set out to visit several hostile forts and practiced their tracking skills in targeting the leaders of those hostile bands, before sneaking in closer and sniping them, in order to avoid the attrition of a long fight through all the minions surrounding the leaders. Review the chat log here or watch the video recording of this expedition here or below!