9/28: Is There Anything Captains Can’t Do?

Well…other than fix the chat server, of course.

First, we apologize for not having a recording yet of the Redline session – I was unable to record it due to a personal emergency, but I am working on getting a chatlog of the events and will make an after-the-fact video as soon as I possibly can.

Second, hopefully you’ve gotten some ideas and concepts from this past month.  When we have a schedule for Burglars (which for once I CAN’T lead!), we will update the page!!

9/14: Rallying to Shiny Items!!

Depending on what you want your Captain to be able to do, you have a variety of options for your weapons and emblems.  Fortunately, some are more straightforward than others, but almost every item combination will give you opportunities to make your own decisions in accordance with any given traitline build.  Hopefully this session gives you some ideas to use when doing your own customization.

8/24: Feel the Fury of our Flame (or Storm)

A group of Rune-Keepers gathered at the Bree Training Hall to consider the intricies and grammatical form of writing death poetry for our enemies.  Albeit a more theoretical exercise, the confirmation that even some offensive skills have different value in groups as compared to solo landscape play was a much appreciated confirmation that, no, you are NOT doing it wrong.